Ring Brushes

Available straight or zigzag in all different sizes and core sizes (inner dimension). Made in Steel or steel and PPN or PPN. Also all PPN rings.



Nicole Zhao

China Industrial Brush Ltd.





Snow brush rings
We cater for all makes and sizes send us your drawings and samples and we will make you an offer

Brushes for these sweepers BEMA Kehrmaschinen, B¨¹rsten, Kehrb¨¹rsten, Seitenbesen und Kehrwalzen f¨¹r Kehrmaschinen von Floordress, Pioneer Eclipse, Alto, Floorpul, Portotecnica, Amros, Gansow, Power-Boss, Carpet Cleaner, Gutbrod, Powerclean, Cilmas, Hako, Powr-Flite, Cimex, Henkel, Pulimat, Clarke, Hoover, RCM, Cleanfix, ICM, Rotowash, Columbus, IMG, Selco, Comac, Jani-Jack, Sorma, DEC, Jersey, Stolzenberg, Dulevo, K?rcher, Taski, Duplex, Kleinberg, Tecnova, Echo, K¨¹nzle & Tasin, Tennant, Ecologica, Lincoln, Victor, Ehrle, Maxiclean, WAP, Electrolux, Mirage, Wayne, Elektroma, Nilco, Wetrok, Eureka, Nilfisk, Weidner, Euroclean, Nilfisk-Advance, Wilms, Factory Cat, Nobles, Windsor, Fimap, Numatic, Wirbel, Fiorentini, Oertzen, Floor, OMM, 4-f, Agria, Westerman, Tielburger, Gutbrot, Heitmann, Cramer
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