How everything got started. The factory was started as a state factory to manufacture brushes for the road sweepers in Beijing. It was privatized in 1997. This step lead to an expansion of supply in the domestic market and the contact with sweeper manufacturers around the world.

2000 saw a major development with the aquisistion of 3 other factories producing a range of different brushes for small sweepers, industrial brush making and cassette brushes. The company now has many customers around the world where it supplies original brushes and replacement brushes.

We now have an extensive range of machinery to cope with the manufacturing of a great variety of brushes at very competitive prices. As material costs rise, steel and plastic, it is more difficult for western manufacturers to be competitive in the market place. Because of this we have seen a constant stream of new customers taking advantage of our quality and pricing.


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If you would like us to offer you any brush that you want made please.
1.Send a picture of the brush

2.If possible a drawing.


4.Required quantity with first order.

5.Yearly demand and frequency of purchase.


Contact:- Nicole Zhao
China Industrial Brush Ltd.



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